Friday, October 2, 2009


I haven't made a post in a while, mostly due to my preparation for England, but now I am finally across the pond. I am currently doing some sightseeing/golfing in Scotland before I head to Oxford tomorrow. To back up a bit, the last few weeks in the states have been a lot of fun. I said goodbye to family and friends; I even got to shoot home to NY for a weekend and attend my first Yankee game in the new stadium. This is an especially good year for the Yanks thus far as we just clinched the division. Hopefully a future championship will be in the cards. I included some pictures below:

The first picture is of the old Yankee stadium which unfortunately be torn down
very soon. the new stadium is exciting and vibrant, still a quick jump on the 4 train
from Manhattan into the Bronx for those of you who may know your way around
a NYC subway. However, I still am a bit impartial to the old stadium with all of its
history and memories.
Switching gears a bit, my time here in Scotland has been a lot of fun. The Scottish are very polite and love their golf. Although the weather is not usually cooperative, the city of Glasgow is beautiful with its old buildings and green fields. It is very interesting to see how they perceive Americans, especially our way of life. Everything here is much more modest, even conservative, with a hint of socialist values. The golf courses here are second to none(although the weather is a bit rough and I am starting to get the sense that that is a recurring theme here in the UK) and I had the privaledge to play a few of the best. Below are photos of Turnberry, which was the home of the 2009 British open.

I will leave Glasgow tomorrow and fly to London and proceed to drive out to the university. Hope all is well back home!!!

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