Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Week Before Halloween...

First off, I just want to thank everyone who made comments/read my posts. It means a lot to be across the ocean and hear from familiar friends at home so thank you!!...So this week in Oxford marks the week before Halloween as it does back home(I didn't know halloween was a holiday here). The picture above shows a contest in the city of Oxford where little children had to design a wooden statue of some kind. The winner was a seven year old from just outside the city, I am told, and so they built his design for him and plan to burn it on Halloween. This week had a few other interesting events as the Oxford Blues had our second game of the season on Wenesday night against Nuffield. We won handidly and I promise to post pictures of the gym/team I just keep forgetting to bring my camera!!! In other events of the week I woke up this morning to find out, rather shockingly, that daylight savings starts a week early here. I have now turned my clock back an hour to make me four hours ahead of east coast time instead of five. I think that the turning of the clocks does not happen back in the states until next week, so that was a bit strange to me.
On a social note, I have managed not to be a total loser and pull myself out of the library this week for a few nights. I have managed to learn the difference between a bar and a pub(apparently a pub always serves food and a bar does not necessarily do so), and even managed to catch a Vince Vaughn movie yesterday. The movie going experience here is new to me as you have to pick your seats once you get to the theater and the movie is preceded by commercials as well as previews. Overall though the funniest thing of the day was that while watching the movie I began to think it was a little strange hearing an American accent again. Everywhere I go throughout my day I rarely here someone else to talks like I do and was weird to hear it at first. Well, the rest of my Sunday here will probably be dedicated to writing a paper and listening to Chinese dialogue(fun! ha ha), and I am still trying to find a way to watch the Yankees games on the computer at a reasonable hour...any ideas??? Tonight is a big game!

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  1. The red/white game is today. bet you miss that.
    maybe you could watch the game on ?
    hope you`re having fun over there.
    miss you.