Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost Time To Go

In an attempt to keep in touch with people around the world that I know and love I decided (in a non narcissistic way) to start a blog detailing my time spent in New York City and Louisville, as well as my future trip to the United Kingdom. In the UK I will study at Oxford and find out if I can find anyone to play basketball with me instead of soccer(oops..Football). I am in the process of making the blog more visually appealing, but bear with me as I am in the middle of packing for a two year hiatus from the US.
I want to start off by talking a little about my time at the University of Louisville. I have spent the past four years here in Kentucky and I have learned a few things as a student athlete. First, Rick Pitino is a phenomenal coach and it was a life altering experience playing for him as a Cardinal. There are countless stories that I could share about intense conditioning or hard practices, but ultimately, he equipped me with the intangible qualities of life better than any academic. That is not to say that my knowledge has not grown exponentially from the faculty at U of L; on the whole I have found that the university receives far less credit nationally than is warranted for its academic prowess.
To all of my friends and teachers at the University of Louisville I would like to say thank you as I approach a new chapter of my life. Kentucky, and specifically the University of Louisville will always have a special place in my heart an remain a home for me in my mind.

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